Address Validation

for Shopify

The off-the-shelf version of this app validates addresses in the United States only. Email to inquire about address validation for other countries.

Shopify’s check out process performs State+ZIP Code validation. Shoppers can enter an invalid city for the ZIP Code provided and still complete the checkout process. This can cause several problems for your business:

  1. Shipping rate estimates may not be returned, allowing the Shopper to checkout without selecting a shipping method and eliminating your ability to collect shipping charges on the order.
  2. Shipping orders with incorrect addresses can result in expensive returns, address corrections fees,  delivery delays, additional transportation costs, the loss of revenue and/or negative profit margins.
  3. If you’re able to catch an invalid address prior to shipping an order, you have to expend resources tracking down the buyer, attempting to collect the shipping charges, and making the address corrections. All while hoping that you don’t lose the order in the process.

This app performs your choice of City+State+ZIP Code or Street Level validation. Invalid addresses return a customizable message informing the Shopper that a correction is required. The Shopper is prevented from continuing the checkout process until a valid address is provided.

As an alternative you can choose not to intervene in the checkout process, allow your shoppers to complete the checkout process with potentially invalid shipping addresses, and have the app send you an email when an order is placed with an invalid address.

To install the app click here to view the app instalation page, enter your shop name then click the Install button.


Extends the shipping address validation capability built into Shopify from State+ZIP validation to City+State+ZIP validation or even Street Level validation.

Identify the omission of apartment and suite numbers, and ensure entries for apartment and suite numbers are within the set of possible values.

Choose to prevent users from checking out with P.O. Boxes.

Prevents the shopper from checking out until a valid shipping address is provided.

Ease strict address validation adherence by permitting shoppers to bypass the address validation results.

Ensures the correct shipping rate estimates are displayed to the shopper.

Helps avoid costly charges associated with address correction, diversion or reconsignment fees.

Improves the likelihood that orders will be delivered in a timely fashion.

Significantly reduces the possibility of returned shipments due to the inability of a carrier to deliver a shipment because of an invalid address.

Customizable invalid address messages allow you to communicate with your shopper the way you want to.

Address validation performed on US addresses only.

Current version: 2.0




How do I get this application?

This application can only be installed from the Eniture Technology . Click here to view the app installation page. Once there, enter your shop name and click the install button to install the app.

What is City+State+ZIP validation?

It means the City, State and ZIP code combination entered by the shopper is valid. Shopify only performs State+ZIP validation which permits shoppers to enter a City that doesn’t correspond to the ZIP code entered. As a result, no shipping methods may be presented to the shopper who can subsequently check out without shipping charges captured on the order.

What is Street Level Address Validation?

The most stringent form of address validation. In addition to a check for a valid City+State+ZIP combination, it also checks the existence of the street name and that the house number falls within the range of possible values.

What are address correction, diversion and reconsignment fees?

Fees charged by carriers in response to changes to the delivery destination of a shipment. The terminology can vary by transportation mode (parcel vs. less-than-truckload freight) and carrier.

How often is the database used to validate addresses updated?

The database is updated on the 1st of every month.

User’s Guide

To use these instructions you must be logged into Shopify as the store’s administrator, or with a login that has administrative privileges.

Setting up the application consists of two steps:

  1. Prepare Shopify to use the application.
  2. Choose the desired app settings.

1. Prepare Shopify to use the application

To enable the Address Validation app, some code called JavaScript has to be added to your store. Don’t worry, all you have to do is navigate to the right spot, copy a few lines of JavaScript from this document, and paste it into the appropriate place.

Locate then click on Online Store.


Click on Preferences in the Online Store menu.


Locate the Google Analytics section.


To get to the field where you will place the Address Validation code, the Google Analytics field must be populated. We highly recommend that you set it up properly, and if you need help doing so Shopify has excellent online resources to guide you through it. However, if the Google Analytics field is blank and you’d prefer to set it up later, you can enter UA-12345-6 into the field and click the Save button.

When the Google Analytics field is populated, the section will include the Add custom JavaScript link, unless you already have some JavaScript saved there. (If you do, skip the next step and go to the paragraph that talks about copying the JavaScript code. You will paste the Address Validation JavaScript below the existing JavaScript.)


Click on the Add custom JavaScript link to reveal the field into which you will paste the Address Validation JavaScript code.


Drag your mouse across the code in the yellow box below. Copy it (Command+C for Mac; Control+C for PC), click into the Custom JavaScript field in Shopify, and paste the code there (Command+V for Mac; Control+V for PC).

var script = document.createElement("SCRIPT");
       script.src =
       script.type = 'text/javascript';

Click the Save button.

You’re now ready to move on to Step 2.

2. Choose the App Settings

Begin by selecting Apps from the Shopify menu. Locate the entry for the Address Validation app and click on the app name to access the app preferences.


You will be delivered to the Settings page. Enter the information prompted for, then click Save Settings.


Shopping cart address validation
City, State and ZIP validation Select this option if you want the shipping address to be validated for a correct city, state and ZIP code combination.
Street level validation Select this option if you want the shipping address to be validated for City, State and ZIP, and the existence of the street and house number confirmed.
Do not perform address validation Select this option if do not want to perform address validation during the check out process.
Don’t allow P.O. Boxes to be used as the shipping address. Check this box if you don’t want to allow your shoppers to use a P.O. Box for their shipping address.
Notification message when City, State and ZIP validation fails Record the message you want displayed to the shopper if the shipping address provided fails City-State-ZIP validation.
Allow shoppers to bypass this validation This setting is available for each level of validation. Enabling this setting will cause a button to appear with the respective address validation message that will allow the shopper to bypass the validation results.
Notification message when street level validation fails Record the message you want displayed to the shopper if the shipping address provided fails street level validation.
Notification message when secondary information validation fails Record the message you want displayed to the shopper if the shipping address provided omits an apartment or suite number when one should exist, or the value entered for apartment or suite number is not within the range of expected values.
Notification message when P.O. Boxes are not permitted Record the message you want displayed when the shopper attempts to use a P.O. Box for the shipping address and you have the prevent P.O. Box feature enabled.
Bypass Button Record how you want the Bypass Address Validation button labeled. This setting is relevant only if you have enabled the bypass feature for one or more levels of address validation.
Notify me by email of invalid addresses on completed orders
These settings are only relevant if you aren’t utilizing one of the app’s shopping cart address validation methods, or you are allowing the shopper to bypass failed validations. In these cases you can have the app notify you by email of orders containing invalid shipping addresses.
City, State and ZIP validation Choose this option if you want to be notified by email of orders containing a shipping address that fails City-State-ZIP validation.
Street level validation Choose this option if you want to be notified by email of orders containing a shipping address that fails street level validation.
Do not perform address validation Choose this option if you do not want to be notified by email of orders containing a shipping address that fails address validation.
Email Address Email address that should receive notifications about invalid shipping addresses.

What your shopper sees

If shopping cart address validation is in use and a shipping address fails to validate, your shopper will be presented with a message in lieu of shipping rate estimates. The exact message will depend on your settings. The image below is a result of an invalid City-State-ZIP combination using the app’s default message.


If you have enabled the setting to allow shoppers to bypass failed address validations, the shipping method results will include the bypass button.