Internet Marketing

Employing a comprehensive internet marketing strategy can produce cost effective, measurable results. Internet marketing material can be deployed instantaneously, without the cost or scheduling constraints of traditional print media. The number of views can be tracked, the click through rate measured, and site visitor behavior recorded. All of this data can be extremely useful.

Our internet marketing efforts begin by employing search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM) methods. These build awareness within your target market, increase the visibility of your business, and provides you with an opportunity to collect data. We use the data to continually improve campaign effectiveness and most importantly, to generate leads.

Next we establish an effective email marketing plan to nurture those leads and leads collected from unpurchased shopping carts, blog postings, registered customers, newsletter subscribers and others that may be available that you haven’t even thought about. By analyzing behaviors and gaining event awareness, we can be segment your prospects and assign them to organized drip campaigns that kick out emails at the right time, containing content relevant to that moment.

A simple example of this is the email you likely receive from Amazon wishing you a happy birthday, or the coupons your car dealer sends when it predicts (or even knows) that your car is approaching a maintenance milestone. More elaborate campaigns can dynamically sequence marketing emails based on specified intervals and/or a prospective customer’s behavior. When you employ these methods in a way that collects data that you can analyze and use to measure effectiveness and drive revenue… Well, it gets pretty cool!

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