LTL Freight Quotes

Estes Freight Edition for Shopify

The Estes LTL Freight Quotes app retrieves your negotiated LTL rates, takes action on them according to the app settings, and displays the results as shipping options in the Shopify checkout process. Estes is a privately owned company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. Its core business is less-than-truckload (LTL)freight, but it provides a variety of other freight and logistics services. If you don’t have an Estes account, contact them at 804-353-1900.

Basic Plan $20/month

Retrieves your negotiated LTL freight rates.

Supported origins: United States.

Supported destinations: Canada, United States.

Customize the text used to label quotes displayed to shoppers.

Elect to display the carrier’s transit time with the rate estimate.

Define multiple warehouse locations.

Identify products that drop ship from vendors.

Compatible with Shopify Locations.

Basic option for residential delivery.

Basic option for lift gate delivery.

Mark up quotes by a dollar amount or percentage.

Assign products and variants a shipping weight, freight class and optionally dimensions.

Access to a built in density calculator.

Dynamic presentation of parcel and LTL freight rates with the installation of compatible apps from Eniture Technology

Standard Plan $25/month

Everything in the Basic Plan, plus…

Automatic detection of residential addresses allows the carrier’s residential delivery fee to be automatically included in quotes.

Option to require lift gate delivery when a residential address is detected.

Allow customers to choose between a standard option for LTL freight and one that includes lift gate delivery.

Do not display rates if a post office box is detected.

Support for products that ship hazardous material.

Advanced Plan $40/month

Everything in the Standard Plan, plus…

Offer options for in-store pick up and local delivery.

Current version: 1.0


A Shopify account with the Real-Time Carrier Shipping feature enabled. The feature is standard on the Advanced Shopify subscription package. It can be added to other packages by contacting Shopify customer service.

An Estes Express account number.

A My Estes login and password.


How do I get this application?

This application can only be installed from the Shopify App Store. Click here to locate the app in the Shopify App Store and then click the GET button to install the app. You must have the Shopify store owner credentials to perform the installation.

How do I get an Estes Express account number?

Call Estes Express at 804-353-1900.

Where do I find my My Estes username and password?

If you never had one, click here and complete the form. If you registered before but don’t remember your login or password, click here to access the recovery form.

Why are the shipment charges I received on the invoice from Estes Express different than what was quoted by the app?

Common reasons include a difference in the quoted versus billed shipment parameters (weight, dimensions, freight class), or additional services (such as residential delivery) were required. Compare the details of the invoice to the shipping settings on the products included in the shipment. Consider making changes as needed. Remember that the weight of the packing materials is included in the billable weight for the shipment. If you are unable to reconcile the differences call Estes Express customer service for assistance.

Why do I sometimes get a message that a shipping rate estimate couldn’t be provided?

There are several possibilities:

The most common reason is that one or more of the products in the shopping cart did not have its shipment parameters (weight, dimensions, freight class) adequately populated. Check the settings for the products on the order and make corrections as necessary.

The city entered for the shipping address may not be valid for the postal code entered. A valid City+State+Postal Code combination is required to retrieve a rate estimate and Shopify does not perform this level of address validation. Contact us by phone (404-369-0680) or email ( to inquire about solutions to this problem.

Your shipment exceeded constraining parameters of Estes Express’s web service.

The Estes Express web service isn’t operational.

Your Estes Express account has been suspended or cancelled.

There is an issue with the Eniture Technology servers.

Your subscription to the application has expired because payment could not be processed.

There is an issue Shopify’s servers.

How do I determine the freight class for my product(s)?

The easiest thing to do is to contact your Estes Express representative and ask for assistance. However, the official source is the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) directory maintained by the National Motor Freight Transportation Agency ( You can purchase a hard copy of the directory or obtain an online subscription to it from their web site.

How does the density calculator work?

The density calculator will calculate a freight class by performing a calculation using the product weight and dimensions as inputs. In most cases the returned freight class will match the product’s (commodity’s) freight class as recorded in the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) directory. However, this is not always true and in the event there are differences, the freight class recorded in the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) directory takes precedence. An incorrectly identified freight class can result in unexpected shipping charges and even fees. You are solely responsible for accurately identifying the correct freight class for your products. If you need help doing this, contact your Estes Express representative for assistance.

User’s Guide

To use these instructions you must be logged into Shopify as the store’s administrator, or with a login that has administrative privileges.

Setting up the application to display LTL freight quotes consists of the following steps:

Other information contained in this guide:

1. Prepare Shopify to use the application.

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You must have the Third-party calculated shipping rates feature on your Shopify plan to have live carrier quotes displayed in the checkout process. It is standard on the Shopify Advanced plan and can be added to other Shopify plans by calling Shopify Customer Service at 888-746-7439. (Learn more)Navigate to the Settings>Shipping page. Click on the Manage rates link for the General shipping rates in the Rates at checkout section.


In the General shipping profile, locate the shipping origin from which you want the app to provide quotes.


If the only shipping zone you have is Rest of world, click on the Create shipping zone link and then enter a zone name (i.e. “Domestic”).


Locate the shipping zone for which you want to app to provide quotes. Click the Add rate button.


Select the option Use carrier or app to calculate rates.

Use App To Calculate Rates

It may take a moment for Shopify to retrieve the list of apps capable of providing shipping quotes for your store. After it has, the appearance of the Add rate page will be similar to the image below. Perform the following actions:

  1. Select the app from the drop down list.
  2. Enable the Services are selected in the app preferences setting. If this setting isn’t available to enable, don’t be concerned. Click the Done button at the bottom of the page and continue on to the next step.
  3. Click the Done button at the bottom of the page.

Select Quoting App

Repeat the steps above to enable the app for any other shipping zone. You should only enable the app in shipping zones that the app is capable of returning quotes for. Check the Features tab for origins and destinations that the app supports.

You can define more than one warehouse in the app settings. Therefore, in Shopify, you can create single shipping origin, enable the app in the associated shipping zones, and have multiple shipping origins identified in the app. When the app is triggered to provide quotes, it will use the warehouse that is closest to the ship-to address. The advantage of this approach is that it will result in the lowest shipping cost and likely higher order conversion rates. The shipping origin the app selects is saved with the order and can be viewed with the order details.
However, the app’s selection of a warehouse doesn’t account for inventory levels. The app assumes an unlimited supply of inventory from every stocking location. If you track inventory through Shopify and want to use stocking levels as a criteria for the selection of the shipping origin, then you should use Shopify’s “Locations” feature.
If you choose to use Shopify’s Locations feature and Inventory Tracking, Shopify will select the shipping origin by sequentially evaluating the ability of each location to fulfill 100% of the order. You’ll set the order in which you want each location evaluated. Shopify’s selection will be made without regard to its impact on shipping cost. To learn more about Shopify’s Locations and to see an example of how it selects the shipping origin when more than one location exists, read over Shopify’s Help Center article: Order management with locations.

2. Obtain your My Estes username and password.

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If you already have your My Estes username and password, proceed to the next step. If you don’t, you must have an Estes Express account number to continue. Call Estes Express at 804-353-1900 to establish an account if you don’t have an account number.

Navigate to the form to request your My Estes username and password by clicking here. Complete the form. Estes will notify you within 48 hours that your secure account is set up.

3. Choose the desired plan.

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Begin by selecting Apps from the Shopify menu. Locate the entry for the Estes LTL Freight Quotes app and click on the app name to access the app preferences.