Real Time Shipping Quotes for Shopify

Real Time Shipping Quotes for BigCommerce

Multi-carrier Edition

The Real Time Shipping Quotes app for Bigcommerce retrieves your negotiated shipping rates, takes action on them according to the app settings, and displays the results as shipping options during checkout. The app can be configured to quote parcel and LTL freight shipments. See the Providers tab below for a list of supported shipping companies.

Basic Plan $30/month

Features Unique to LTL Freight Providers

Retrieves your negotiated LTL freight rates for the enabled LTL freight provider.

Supported origins: United States and/or Canada depending on the capabilities of the enabled LTL freight provider.

Supported destinations: United States and/or Canada depending on the capabilities of the enabled LTL freight provider.

Customize the text used to label LTL freight quotes displayed to shoppers.

Options for how to offer lift gate delivery including an option to require lift gate delivery when the address type is identified as residential.

Specify the weight of your handling unit (e.g. pallet) so that it is accounted for in the shipping quote.

Identify the maximum weight per handling unit to extrapolate the number of handling units to account for in the shipping quote.

Features Unique to Parcel Shipping Providers

Retrieves your negotiated parcel rates for the enabled parcel shipping provider.

Supported origins: United States and/or Canada depending on the capability of the enabled provider.

Supported destinations: Any country that Fedex, Purolator, or UPS provide service to. Some UPS resellers available in the app will not return a quote to destinations outside the United States.

Select which services to offer to your shoppers.

Mark up or mark down individual services by a dollar amount or percentage.

Retrieve hyper-accurate parcel quotes even when charges are based on dimensional weight when using the built in packaging algorithm. Use of the optional Standard Box Sizes feature required.

Elect to include insurance in the shipping quotes when specific products are in the shopping cart.

Features Common to LTL Freight and Parcel Shipping Providers

Elect to display the carrier’s transit time or estimated delivery date with the rate estimate.

Define multiple warehouse locations.

Identify products that drop ship from vendors.

Use shipping groups to offer free or flat rate shipping rates for specific products.

Always quote shipments as going to commercial or residential addresses or have the app automatically detect the address type to dynamically include the residential delivery fee in the shipping quotes.

Choose not display shipping quotes if a post office box is detected.

Mark up quotes by a dollar amount or percentage.

Support for products that ship hazardous material.

Offer an option for in-store pick up based on the customer’s distance from your warehouse.

Offer local delivery based on the customer’s distance from your warehouse.

Charge a fee for local delivery.

Dynamic presentation of LTL freight and parcel rates when both types of providers are enabled.

Connect easily to FreightDesk Online to process shipments, print BOLs and shipping labels, and schedule pickups.

Standard Plan $55/month

Everything in the Basic Plan, plus…

Enable up to three shipping providers.

Advanced Plan $75/month

Everything in the Standard Plan, plus…

Enable up to five shipping providers.

LTL Freight Providers

Fedex Freight
R+L Carriers
TForce (formerly UPS Freight)
Worldwide Express
XPO Logistics

Parcel Shipment Providers

Worldwide Express

Current version: 1.0


A BigCommerce online store.

An established account with the shipping company or companies you intend to enable in the app.


How do I get support for this application?

The knowledge base is the best 24/7 resource for support. Click here to go to the knowledge base. You can open a support ticket by emailing Customer support can also be contacted by phone at 404-369-0680 x2 on business days between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern Time. If you get voicemail, leave a message and we will return your call.

How do I get an account?

Instructions for how to obtain an account with a shipping provider is available in the app. Follow the steps to enable the shipping provider to see the instructions for that provider.

Why are the shipment charges I received on the invoices from my carriers different than what was quoted by the plugin?

Common reasons include a difference in the quoted versus billed shipment parameters (weight, dimensions, freight class), or additional services (such as residential delivery) were required. Compare the details of the invoice to the shipping settings on the products included in the shipment. Consider making changes as needed. Remember that the weight of the packing materials is included in the billable weight for the shipment. If you are unable to reconcile the differences call the freight carrier for assistance.

Why do I sometimes get a message that a shipping rate estimate couldn’t be provided?

There are several possibilities:

The most common reason is that one or more of the products in the shopping cart didn’t have its shipment parameters (weight, dimensions, freight class) adequately populated. Check the settings for the products on the order and make corrections as necessary.

The city entered for the shipping address may not be valid for the postal code entered. A valid City+State+Postal Code combination is required to retrieve a rate estimate.

Your shipment exceeded constraining parameters of the provider’s web service.

The shipment destination isn’t serviced by the provider.

The provider’s web service isn’t operational.

Your account with the provider has been suspended or cancelled.

There is an issue with the Eniture Technology servers.

There is an issue Shopify’s servers.

How do I determine the freight class for my product(s)?

The easiest thing to do is to contact your provider and ask for assistance. However, the official source is the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) directory maintained by the National Motor Freight Transportation Agency ( You can purchase a hard copy of the directory or obtain an online subscription to it from their web site.

How does the density calculator work?

The density calculator will calculate a freight class by performing a calculation using the product weight and dimensions as inputs. In most cases the returned freight class will match the product’s (commodity’s) freight class as recorded in the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) directory. However, this is not always true and in the event there are differences, the freight class recorded in the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) directory takes precedence. An incorrectly identified freight class can result in unexpected shipping charges and even fees. You are solely responsible for accurately identifying the correct freight class for your products. If you need help doing this, contact your LTL freight provider for assistance.

User’s Guide

Complete the steps below to install and setup the Real-time Shipping Quotes application.

Other information contained in this guide:

1. Install the Real-time Shipping Quotes application.

Return to top.

Navigate to Apps > Marketplace. Click on the BIGCOMMERCE.COM/APPS button to access the app marketplace.

BigCommerce App Marketplace Button

Search for “Real-time Shipping Quotes”. When it is displayed in the search results, click on the product badge to access the app information page. Click on the GET THIS APP button to initiate the installation wizard. Complete the installation process. At the conclusion of th