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LTL Freight Quotes

FreightQuote Edition for WooCommerce

The FreightQuote LTL Freight Quotes plugin retrieves your negotiated LTL rates, takes action on them according to the plugin settings, and displays the results as shipping options on the Cart and Checkout pages. FreightQuote ( is an online broker of freight services acquired by C.H. Robinson in 2015. The app will connect to the legacy FreightQuote API or the newer CH Robinson API.  Both API connections will provide LTL freight quotes for many LTL carriers as well as quotes for van, flatbed, and refrigerated (refer) truckload services. To establish an account with, click here to access its new account request form. If you’d prefer to establish an account with CH Robinson, click here and complete the form to request a consultation with an expert.

Basic Plan

Live negotiated carrier rates returned to the checkout process.

Supported origins: United States.

Supported destinations: United States.

Three Rating Options: Cheapest, Cheapest Options and Average.

Customize the text used to label quotes displayed to shoppers. (Cheapest and Average methods only.)

Elect to display the carrier’s transit time with the rate estimate. (Cheapest and Cheapest Options methods only.)

Option to always include the residential delivery fee.

Compatible with the Residential Address Detection plugin which automatically includes the residential address delivery fee when the Ship To address is a residence.

Option to always include the lift gate delivery fee.

Additional options for lift gate delivery are enabled with the installation of the Residential Address Detection plugin.

Assign products a freight class, weight and optionally dimensions.

Identify one warehouse and multiple drop ship locations.

Embed a handling charge in the displayed rates to recover the cost of packaging materials or other shipping related expenses.

Dynamic presentation of parcel and LTL freight rates with the installation of compatible apps from Eniture Technology.

Ability to provide real-time quotes for the following truckload services: Standard, Flatbed, Refrigerated.

Standard Plan

Everything in the Basic Plan, plus…

Define multiple warehouses.

The warehouse closest to the shopper is used as the shipment origin to keep shipping costs low and delivery times fast.

Support for products that ship as hazardous material.

Specify an order cut off time and have it reflected in the estimated delivery date.

Extend estimated delivery dates to account for lead times in manufacturing and/or fulfillment.

Identify the days of the week you ship orders and have it reflected in the estimated delivery date.

Advanced Plan

Everything in the Standard Plan, plus…

Offer in-store pick up based on the shopper’s ZIP code or distance to the warehouse.

Offer local delivery based on the shopper’s ZIP code or distance to the warehouse.

Identify a charge for local delivery.

Support for products that can be nested when shipped, such as garbage cans. The freight class for nested products is identified using the built in freight class calculator.

Current version: 1.0.0


WooCommerce 3.0 or newer.

An account relationship with


How do I get a account?

Call at 1-800-323-5441, or sign up online.

Where do I find my username and password?

Contact at 1-800-323-5441 and ask for assistance. If you forgot your password but know your username, you can use the Forgot Password link on

How do I get a license key for the plugin?

You must register your installation of the plugin, regardless of whether you are taking advantage of the trial period or purchased a license outright. At the conclusion of the registration process an email will be sent to you that will include the license key. You can also login to using the username and password you created during the registration process and retrieve the license key from the My Licenses tab.

How do I change my plugin license from the trial version to one of the paid subscriptions?

Login to and navigate to the My Licenses tab. There you will be able to manage the licensing of all of your Eniture Technology plugins. Refer to the Documentation tab on this page for more thorough instructions.

How do I install the plugin on another website?

The plugin has a single site license. To use it on another website you will need to purchase an additional license. If you want to change the website with which the plugin is registered, login to and navigate to the My Licenses tab. There you will be able to change the domain name that is associated with the license key.

Do I have to purchase a second license for my staging or development site?

No. Each license allows you to identify one domain for your production environment and one domain for your staging or development environment. The rate estimates returned in the staging environment will have the word “Sandbox” appended to them.

Why isn’t the plugin working on my other website?

If you can successfully test your credentials from the Connection page (WooCommerce > Settings > Freightquote > Connections) then you have one or more of the following licensing issues: 1) You are using the license key on more than one domain. The licenses are for single sites. You will need to purchase an additional license. 2) Your trial period has expired. 3) Your current license has expired and we have been unable to process your form of payment to renew it. Login to and go to the My Licenses tab to resolve any of these issues.

Why are the shipment charges I received on the invoices from my carriers different than what was quoted by the plugin?

Common reasons include a difference in the quoted versus billed shipment parameters (weight, dimensions, freight class), or additional services (such as residential delivery) were required. Compare the details of the invoice to the shipping settings on the products included in the shipment. Consider making changes as needed. Remember that the weight of the packing materials is included in the billable weight for the shipment. If you are unable to reconcile the differences call the freight carrier for assistance.

Why do I sometimes get a message that a shipping rate estimate couldn’t be provided?

There are several possibilities:

The most common reason is that one or more of the products in the shopping cart did not have its shipment parameters (weight, dimensions, freight class) adequately populated. Check the settings for the products on the order and make corrections as necessary.

The city entered for the shipping address may not be valid for the postal code entered. A valid City+State+Postal Code combination is required to retrieve a rate estimate.

Your shipment exceeded constraining parameters of FreightQuote’s portfolio of carriers.

The FreightQuote web service isn’t operational.

Your FreightQuote account has been suspended or cancelled.

There is an issue with the Eniture Technology servers.

Your subscription to the plugin has expired because payment could not be processed.

There is an issue your server.

How do I determine the freight class for my product(s)?

The easiest thing to do is to contact your carrier representatives and ask for assistance. However, the official source is the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) directory maintained by the National Motor Freight Transportation Agency ( You can purchase a hard copy of the directory or obtain an online subscription to it from their web site.

How does the density calculator work?

The density calculator will calculate a freight class by performing a calculation using the product weight and dimensions as inputs. In most cases the returned freight class will match the product’s (commodity’s) freight class as recorded in the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) directory. However, this is not always true and in the event there are differences, the freight class recorded in the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) directory takes precedence. An incorrectly identified freight class can result in unexpected shipping charges and even fees. You are solely responsible for accurately identifying the correct freight class for your products. If you need help doing this, contact your carrier representative for assistance.

Installation & User’s Guide

If you are taking advantage of a trial subscription, the plugin will stop working when the trial period ends. Be sure to read the Managing Your License section to learn how to upgrade your subscription.


Setting up the plugin consists of the steps listed below. Each step is bookmarked to the relevant section of the User’s Guide. In the heading of each section there is a Return to top link which will deliver you back to the list of steps.

1. Register for the plugin License Key

Return to top.

Select a subscription package. Use the button at the top of the page to begin a free trial, or the buttons on the Features tab to begin a paid subscription. You’ll be presented with a registration form. The email address and password you enter will serve as your credentials to  You’ll use these to gain access to the customer dashboard where you can download the plugin installation file, manage your license, and update your payment information.

If you’re starting with the free trial, you’ll receive a verification email. You must complete the verification step described in the email before you can access the customer dashboard. You’ll have immediate access to the customer dashboard if you choose to start with one of the paid subscriptions.

You’ll receive an email containing your license key. The license key will work for one production site and one staging site. You entered the domain for the production site when you completed the registration form. You can change the production site domain or add/update a staging site anytime from the customer dashboard.

To access the customer dashboard, login to and click on the My Licenses tab. Click the Edit button associated with the license you want to update.